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"In truth, the Balfour Declaration, as a British policy statement in 1917

that Prime Minister David Lloyd George described as a “bargain” or contract between World Jewry and Britain,

was converted into a document of binding and irreversible international law by the adoption of the San Remo Resolution

by the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers on April 25, 1920,

that subsequently became Articles 94 to 97 inclusively

plus Article 132 of the Treaty of Sèvres.


This Resolution, insofar as Palestine was concerned,

was then incorporated into the first three recitals

of the Preamble of the Mandate for Palestine,

subsequently approved by all 52 members of the League in 1922


separately by the United States.


The San Remo Resolution is the founding document not only for the State of Israel under international law,

but also for that of Iraq and Syria.


As stated in my previous letter to you,

it continues in legal force today,

mutatis mutandis, contrary to what Griffiths asserts,

and no action taken by the United Nations today or by Britain itself

can nullify this binding act of international law

upon which the State of Israel

draws its legal existence.


If it were otherwise,

the states of Israel, Syria and Iraq would have no legal right to exist under international law,

and the Ottoman Empire would not have been disbanded."



“was “awarded” to World Jewry represented by the Zionist Organization

to establish their National Home there with the full agreement of Britain,

while the great bulk of former Ottoman territory in the Middle East (over 90%)

was set aside for the Arabs for their own national self-determination.


In the Six-Day War of June 1967,

Israel was only recovering territories

that were originally designated or intended

for the Jewish State

by the Principal Allied Powers..”