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"*dismantle the Federal Reserve System, incorporating it into the US Treasury.
*End whats known as fractional reserve banking; money no longer consists of Bank debt!
*Congress creates & spends new US money into circulation for infrastructure, health care and education.

Those are the central features. In addition HR 2990:
* limits interest rates to 8% *Ends compound interest
*Lets the states control 25% of new money creation, with per capita federal grants to the states
*Provides for a tax free "end the depression" citizens dividend to every American
Sound too good to be true?

History shows that each part of it has existed at some time in our nation, and each part works.

The NEED act HR2990 brings them together to end the financial rape of our people, once and for all."


Egilsstaðit, 03.07.2012 jg