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Þarna úti er fullt af fólki sem skilur þetta,

og getur skírt þetta fyrir okkur hinum.


Þá getum við fundið út hvaða kerfi við eigum að taka upp.



Egilsstaðir, 18.09.2011 jg



Community Exchange System




With the impending implosion of the usury-based, global money system,


now is the time to seek a new way of 'doing' money,


one not based on debt and controlled by a global monetary elite


that seems happy about destroying our planet


in the pursuit of profit.




Conventional money is created as debt by private financial institutions

for their own profit-making purposes, not as a public service.


This is the root cause of the economic, social and environmental problems that beset us.


The amount of debt determines the quantity of money,

which has nothing to do with the amount of money

we need to live decent lives.


CES money is 'created' by its users so it can never be in short supply.


So long as you can offer something of value

you can have from the community goods

and services of like value.


Join the growing community

who have discovered a new way of 'doing' money,

a healthy money that will create a healthy society.