Rafbíllinn, 100 ára barátta


Baráttan um rafbílinn var komin af stað upp úr aldamótum 1900.




“Thomas Edison had spent $3.5 million between 1903 and 1910

(equivalent to $71 million today) perfecting his nickel iron battery.


He claimed it was half the weight of lead acid

and had twice the energy density.

His electric cars were demonstrably

superior to the competition…..


“Just as Edison and Henry Ford were about to go into business together

to offer a low cost electric car comparable to the Model T,

a suspicious fire destroyed nearly all of Edison's

West Orange, New Jersey research facility,

curiously bypassing areas where the most flammable

chemicals had been stored.”


“He defines petro-terrorism as a movement

whose intention is to "breakdown our society

based on our addiction to oil."


“that some conspiracies are quite real

and in the case of the destruction of Edison's laboratory,

the linchpin of a concerted effort to destroy

the inventor's reputation in order to keep his battery off the market,

while crushing Henry Ford at the same time.”