Hér er verið að segja okkur að 97 % af fjármagni í umferð í dag, sé notað í loftbóluviðskipti, “leikaraskap.”

Þá þarf aðeins 3 %  til að fæða og klæða okkur og allt sem tilheyrir nútíma menningu, allir innviðir þjóðfélagsins,

það er framleiðslu og þjónustu fyrirtæki, fasteignir, vegir, hafnir, flugvellir og flutningatæki. jg

“Have it another way — from my character in the video Survival Island, and in the book available from Ossian Publishers

— in which he declares that “money is only a token of wealth — never the wealth itself.”

The value is in the loaf of bread, not in the 50p coin it took to buy it.

One of the principal dangers to our society from widespread misconceptions about money

 is the way in which money creation can be exploitatively abused,

and yet escape public criticism.

Market analysts tell us that 50 years ago almost all the money circulating throughout the financial system

was concerned with the visible trade in goods and services —

 with a small proportion, say 5% — bent on speculative investment.

Today that position has been totally reversed, with 97% of the vastly increased capital flows

swilling round the world in search of speculative outcomes,

and only 3% devoted to the trade that feeds and clothes us

and provides the necessities of modern living.”