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Dept is slavery


The Money Scam


Money As Debt


The deptindustry

It's Not a Deficit, It's New Money


In December 1921, the American industrialist Henry Ford and the inventor Thomas Edison

visited the Muscle Shoals nitrate and water power projects near Florence, Alabama.


They used the opportunity to articulate at length upon their alternative money theories,

which were published in 2 reports which appeared in The New York Times

on December 4, 1921 and December 6, 1921.


our whole monetary system is utterly dishonest, as it is debt-based


"money is only a token of wealth -- never the wealth itself." The value is in the loaf of bread, not in the 50p coin it took to buy it.


The Bank of England began in 1694 when King William needed money to fight a war against France. A company promoter by the name of William Paterson came up with the idea of a bank. It would raise £1.2 million and then lend a million to the Crown, at a high rate of interest. In return for the loan, it was incorporated by Royal Charter as the "Bank of England" which became the government's banker. Thus began the British national debt.


The money system made the bubble money,

and the money system must pay it back, obliterate it.