The money system made the bubble money,

and the money system must pay it back, obliterate it.

Use, expend

The Tobin Tax: The Deficit-Busting Levy Wall Street Hates



to pay the bonds,


and so later to pay the bubble money


the banks and the big corporations made.



Think how you can stop the banks printing bubble money.


Ask the world banking system how it can stop printing bubble money.



Start using the time to think up a better money system.


You must improve the money system.

Do not blame anyone, no culprit.


Every one should learn how the world banking system works.




Remember you live in a virtual world, made of energy by someone,

we in our culture call God.


We are a sizable variable in this system.


If you ask God he will send you a helping hand.




I saw in the TV, the salmon was spawning and fertilizing.


The salmon was so occupied it did not notice the cameraman.


So are we, stuck in the coffin, nicotine, alcohol, sex, and sugar slobber,

which blunts our senses, and we understand nothing.


Now we make the world new.

We know what to do.


Egilsstadir, 14.01.2011 JG