Hér koma meiri upplýsingar um húsnæðislán Goldman Sachs,

neðst í grein um Facebook kaup.

What's Really Behind Goldman's Facebook Investment

What's Really Behind Goldman's Facebook Investment

By Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning

Talk about a social media bubble!





"Sadly, though, my guess is that Goldman will find a way

 to steer clear of the entire shooting match at all costs to avoid disclosing its business practices


 – the same way it paid a $550 million fine last year

to settle charges of securities fraud related to mortgage investments.

Incidentally, the SEC was very proud of its pound of flesh and the $550 million penalty


– apparently they didn't realize that Goldman booked more than $13 billion in the process.

Apparently, the pigs still wear lipstick and the regulators still haven't got a clue just who's running the show these days."




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