Þú verður að lesa þetta


Þessi einkafyrirtæki búa til peninga með þessu móti, og einnig með hverju peninga útláni.


 Ofurtölvur "latest super-computers" eru settar inn í kauphallirnar,

og ná biljónum með kaupum og sölu á verðbréfum á hverri millisekúndu.


Oft er sagt í umræðunni að enginn utan stóru verðbréfafyrirtækjanna,

viti hvernig ofurtölvurnar vinna. jg




-((Einnig mætti skoða...

The Tobin Tax: The Deficit-Busting Levy Wall Street Hates




"....Recently, Barclay’s Bank and HSBC industries announced

that each had ‘made’ three thousand million pounds

in a mere three months.


"What do they mean by ‘made three thousand million pounds’?

With what product did they ‘make’ three thousand million pounds?

Where was and is the product? And where is the ‘industry’?

These assumptions are myths which must be contested."


"Further, it is a myth that they ‘made’ the amount they claim,

nor did they ‘produce’ anything,

for they have no product to show."


"All they have done, like money merchants of old,

is to have clipped many, many small slices of value off currency

 that just happened to pass through their hands

during those three months."


"Today, currency clipping has taken a different form.

 Instead of a knife, the clipping tool is the computer,

that is, electronic clipping of currency."


"made it known that the latest super-computers can operate 24/7/52 –  

not merely upon the basis of a year, or a month, or a week, or a day,


or an hour, or a minute, or a second, but on a millisecond,

whereby their super-computers can sense the fractional movement

of any currency, and buy and sell, making just a few pennies.


Multiply those millisecond transactions by millions of computer transactions,

and the pennies become billions of unearned Pounds, Dollars, Euros etc....."


Egilsstaðir, 18.12.2010 jg