Local Money


Lesa vel og finna kerfi sem getur nýst okkur.


Við höfum fullt af fólki sem getur hugsað, skipulagt og skapað.


Ég var að leita að svona kerfi í huganum,




Svo datt mér í hug að leita á Google, og þar kemur í ljós að þetta er marg hugsað,

og ýmsar góðar lausnir. (löngu búið að finna upp hjólið).


Nú eiga allir hver eftir sinni getu að leita að besta kerfinu fyrir okkur.


Egilsstaðir, 30.10.2010  jg




Caught in the money trap? Break free by joining the Community Exchange System


With the impending implosion of the usury-based, global money system, now is the time to seek a new way of 'doing' money,

one not based on debt and controlled by a global monetary elite that seems happy about destroying our planet in the pursuit of profit.

Conventional money is created as debt by private financial institutions for their own profit-making purposes,

not as a public service. This is the root cause of the economic, social and environmental problems that beset us.

The amount of debt determines the quantity of money, which has nothing to do with the amount of money we need to live decent lives.

CES money is 'created' by its users so it can never be in short supply.

So long as you can offer something of value you can have from the community goods and services of like value.

Join the growing community who have discovered a new way of 'doing' money, a healthy money that will create a healthy society.




Join the Community Exchange Network on

Join the Community Exchange Network social networks on Facebook and on Ning. Join a group,

engage in discussion, leave your comments and find out from CES traders around the world

what it is like to trade without using your national currency.




Public Domain Money

CES money is public domain money. It is not 'owned' or controlled by anyone and as such belongs to the commons.

It is 'created' by the traders who use it, not by a third party outside the circuit of buyers and sellers (banks)

who do so for their own parasitic gain.

When money is proprietary it confers the money power on those who 'create' and control it;

when it is in the public domain the money power resides with its users,

who can ensure that it is used for the public good.

Recover the money power by starting a new CES exchange in your area.

Let the community decide how its efforts will be deployed instead of faceless and unaccountable individuals

who do so for their private gain at others' expense.

Money and credit belong to the commons. Recapture these powerful forces for the common good.